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 The problem with money is, unfortunately we all need it to function in our society. We need to pay our bills, rent/mortage, groceries, etc. The problem is when it turns into greed.  Greed is when you consistantly want more than you need.  There is nothing wrong with money in and of itself, but there are a few things you should remember about money.  

The saying that money does not buy happiness is true.  Look at people like Lindsey Lohan, Brittany Spears, Nicholas Cage to mention a few for example. All very talented people, and certainly they have lots of money, but are they happy really.  It certainly does not seem so.  Having money, fame, and beauty seems to have not made them happier in their lives at all.   Money in excess really does not make people any happier, in fact often it creates more problems in their lives.

 Those who have little appreciate much, those who have much appreciate little.  You do not need 15 cars to be happy, you do not need a closet full of 10,000 dollar dresses, you do not need multiple homes, but what you do need to make you happy is love, friendship, and joie de vive.  Where do you get these things from? From being a good, and loving friend to others, from opening your heart and  helping others, from learning to appreciate the simple things in life, and to find beauty in the tinniest of things, whether it be a sunset, or in a child's laughter.  These are the things that will lighten your heart, and your spirit, and help you to find happiness.

The way to overcome greed is to learn to think of others first instead of yourself all the time, and  to realize that just because you want something does not mean you need it.

 Pax, my friends.  May love, kindness, and compassion guide your hearts, and your hands in all you do!



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