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 Everyone seems to buy into the whole science of psychology, the drugs, the theories, the labels, and all the other crap they keep pumping our society full of.  Here is an example of how truly, in the words of todays youth the science of psychology is "epic  fail".  Recently I was evaluated by 2 separate psychotherapists for 2 different agencies, and for different reasons within a 2 week period and both involving lengthy written exams (lol that is a lot of 2's I know, but bear with me).  The results were 2 totally different diagnosis (neither were correct ) which were vastly different from each other to the point of being completely contradictory.  

The first psychologist evaluation went as follows I went in completed the exams they gave me (mostly, I had to finish the rest after the exam, as it takes me a while to read and process information anymore).  I handed the psychologist a 24 page brief on my medical/psychiatric history since I knew this was a one time meeting, and he was having to make a judgement based on this I thought to help him out a bit, it took me a week to write this brief by the way.  He glanced at it briefly after introducing himself, and within my first 5 minutes in the room he answered his cell phone....OK, now I have a cell phone too, but he is supposed to be evaluating me in a one time session, and I consider this to be downright rude, but I maintain my decorum and we press on.

 Fifteen minutes into the session he answers his cell phone yet again.  I am now fighting the urge to ask him if he would like me to come back another time since he was clearly busy, but I bite my tongue, and do not.  Another 10 minutes into the session and he answers his office phone, by this time I am really getting a bit put out by this.  He has either arbitrarily made a decision about me without even really spending the time alloted getting to know me, or he does not give a damn, yet still i say nothing and one more time before the end of our "1 hour session" he answers his cell phone.  I was very upset by this and went away feeling frustrated and slighted by his cavalier attitude.

And now without further delay I will go over a few of his not so astute findings.  He diagnosed me as extremely depressed, stated that I spoke my mind, and made friends easily, but did not have any grasp of cause and affect.  He also noted I had been in trouble with the law and that at 5 years old I had vomited blood.  Now for the truth, I am a bit depressed, but not extremely, and there are times when I think about certain things I become more depressed. I clearly do not speak my mind at all times or I would have told him how exceedingly rude I found his behavior while I was in his office.  I no longer make friends easily because I have anxiety attacks around people, other than my husband and a few close friends whom I have known for years, in fact I avoid contact with people in general as much as possible.

 I am intimately aware of cause and affect of our actions and behavior and realize that the physics theory that every action has an equal and opposite reaction also can be used for the things we do and do not do in our everyday lives.  I am so  acutely aware of this you can ask my daughter how much I drilled that into her while she was growing up.  I have never been in trouble with the law unless you count the rare speeding ticket, or parking ticket. As to vomiting blood when I was 5 years old, well as I told him in the written brief I gave him I vomited blood at 5 weeks old, not 5 years.  He could not get it right even when it was in writing right there in front of him.  How disheartening was this "evaluation", extremely!

Now on to the second analysis, which was just as erroneous as the first.  I arrived in plenty of time (an hour early in fact) because I was told there would be the 2 hour testing prior to the evaluation.  After 45 minutes I was called into the Dr's office, I had not even come close to finishing the written exam they had given me.  This psychologist was rather curt and clearly in a hurry.  I think he must have had a golf game lined up, or a personal event with his family that  my getting there early gave him the opportunity to make it too if he could just get me out of there fast enough.  He hit me with a barrage of questions, basically limiting me to yes or no answers, he cut me off numerous times when I tried to clarify some answer which could not be held in the confines of simple yes or no.  

After 45 min he told me I was only moderately depressed , and that I had adult ADD, that it was severe and I had probably had it all my life and I just needed meds, and I would be better.  He asked me if I understood what he was saying, I did understand the terminology, but really did not agree with or grasp his conclusions at all.  He insisted I had anxiety attacks in public because I had ADD, even though I tried to explain to him that I had anxiety attacks because I was concerned about other people judging me negatively, it had more to do with my own body image, he would not hear what I had to say and cut me off when I tried to explain.  He told me I had ADD and mild depression all I needed was meds, and rushed me out the door, so that he could, by my assumption here mind you, get on to more important things.  As with the first psychologist there was no attempt to get me any kind of follow up, or further therapy in accordance with his diagnosis.  

What is my take on all of this?  I think these two psychologists are prime examples of why psychology fails in our society.  They are more interested in their own lives than in the patients that they see, or at least in my case I feel that this is true.  I am going through a lot of physical problems right now, I have extreme fatigue with any activity, balance problems, headaches, memory problems, difficulty focusing and paying attention, I become confused easily and have a hard time following instructions, muscle weakness, headaches, tinnitis, and episodes of severe body cramps, recent onset of diplopia chronic diarhhea, and my asthma is getting far worse especially at night.  Maybe this is all in my head, but I do not think so.  Am I depressed about the changes in my body, oh you bet, but I have adjusted my attitude and now I allow myself to be happy about little things I do and accomplish, otherwise I would just be devastated by what is happening to me physically and mentally.

 So my personal view is that psychologists are overpaid, over rated, and over appreciated by a society that looks for easy answers to what is in our psyches and our souls.  Meds can not fix everything, and there are no easy answers.  If we spent more time looking into our selves, accepting that what happens in our lives is not an excuse for our own bad behavior, and owning up to our own faults, and foibles.Accept our own humanity, we are none of us perfect.  My grandmother used to say "everyone is crazy except me and thee and even thee I wonder about", we each of us have our eccentricities, and neurosis, none of us is perfect. But if we talk to our friends when we are troubled, and listen to their words, as well as our own inner selves, we would be a hell of a lot better off than going to these modern day "tonic sellers", who would sell us snake oil to cure our ills.  That being said, hug your friends, hug yourself, you are better than you think you are!



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