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 One generally does not think of thrift shops as magical, and truth be told some people never think of thrift shops at all, but for those of us on a perpetual budget they are a necessity of life, lol.  There is a tiny thrift shop near where I live.  It is a thrift shop in the true sense of the word, there are no ridiculously inflated prices.  I have actually been in thrift stores where they charge more than retail stores for some items, and quite the argument I have had with a few of the store managers trying to explain that the same item (very literally) off the rack in WalMart is actually cheaper than what they have their item priced at.  

When you walk into this thrift store the clerks greet you in a warm, and friendly manner.  The store itself is amazingly small, little bigger than my living room.  The sign outside merely says Thrift Store, there is a shopping cart full of day old bread there sometimes for those who need it, and the shelf near the register has a set of plastic drawers filled with coupons to different stores clipped out  and are free for shoppers who need them for shopping at grocery , or clothing stores.  A small tattered, age weary flyer taped on the back of the register tells people to inquire with the clerks if they need assistance with paying their utility bills. There is an ambiance in the store itself that seems almost kindly, as though the very space itself seems to have taken on a personality.  This thrift store caters to those on a budget, and for some reason rather miraculously seems to materialize upon my visiting it, any item I find that  I need, but simply can not afford.

 So far it has materialized, a cabinet  with drawers for my bedroom, a TV stand, a computer chair for my husband (he tends to lean back in his chair, damn near gave me a heart attack when the wheel fell off and he fell backwards with a resounding crash, thus making the new chair a necessity.  He was OK the old chair...not so much), a sewing machine for me, and my latest need fulfilled was a new cork board for my computer room because the papers were getting out of control on the old one.  You could chalk all this up to coincidence, but I think the odds of all these items showing up right when I need them are, well to be honest, somewhat astronomical.  Besides, I do not only believe in miracles and magic, I rely upon them, lol.

Some people may think this odd.  But odd is the flavor of my life.  One of my dear  friends who has known me for years once said that if they ever wrote a book about my life they would have to list it as fiction, because no one would ever believe the often strange, and  sometimes wondrous things that seem to happen to me,( even though they know that everything that has happened is absolutely true because they have actually been around when a lot of these things did in fact, happen to me.)  So I embrace the odd, the weird , and the unusual as my normal, and that includes strange miraculous events for which there seem to be absolutely no logical explanation.

I am no saint,  and so I certainly do not attribute it to me being somehow saintly.  I do talk to God/Goddess on a regular basis, and I find that I usually get answers to my prayers in one way or another (no, not as in conversationally answering, lol .  We are not talking high tea with the almighty, lol,  but as in  things occurring which seem to answer what I was asking about, lol).  Perhaps it is maybe because I trust God/Goddess to care for me, and I believe in that with all my heart.  I trust, even when the storm clouds of life roll in, and things seem pitch black before me  I believe that somehow the lessons I need to learn from the situation will become clear, and I will sail through the storm safely sheltered by God/Goddess' love.  

Maybe that is why I get my tiny miracles, because I trust and appreciate even the tiniest of them, and because I am just "silly", or crazy enough, to believe that these things actually will occur.  Maybe the secret of having miracles in ones life is a mix of belief in said occurrences,  unflinching trust, appreciation, and acknowledgment of the gifts we receive every day.  I honestly do not know, but I will let you know if I ever figure it all out.  You do not have to believe in these things, and I would understand if you did not,  For me though, these are as much a part of  me, and my life as breathing, and so I will continue to appreciate my miraculous little thrift shop, and be grateful for it's gifts.

Pax, my friends. May God/Goddess keep you safe, well, and fill your life with all manner of wonderful things!

Quote of the Day "You can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, well you might find you get what you need." M.Jagger/ K.Richards  




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