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Where Do We Go From Here

 I usually try to keep things kind of light spirited, though recent events have made that somewhat difficult.  I spoke yesterday about us pulling together as a nation, and a people, the American people, and in this I refer to every race, creed, colour, and sex, straight, bi, or gay, it does not matter.   As long as the seeds of hatred and distrust dwell in our hearts this becomes impossible, we must set these things aside to move forward.  Forget our judgments of others, does the Christian bible not admonish people to "Judge not lest ye be judged", and to "Remove the log first from your own eye before you try to remove the speck from your brothers."  Who are we to judge others anyway? We are not God/Goddess, leave judgment to the Supreme Being, because trust me, none of us are up to the job!

If this country is to survive and thrive we need to do several things in my humble opinion:

1. Get over our petty predjudices, and hatreds. Do not judge others by the colour of their skins, their sex, their religions, or sexual preferences (trust me gay people do not choose to be gay, they simply are what they are, no one wants to choose to be something that would open them to harrassment from others, it just is not human nature.  Come on folks get real).

2. Do something basic that pretty much every religion known to mankind admonishes it's followers to do......We need to learn to love one      another, and more than that we need to learn to help one another.  We are in fact, not only our brothers keeper, but our sisters as well!

3.  Big business needs to bring work back into this country, and quit outsourcing to other countries, and they need to quit taking the American public for a fleecing with their prices.   We need to bring jobs back into America. Shame, shame, shame on the oil companies for consistantly raising prices while America struggles in a recession, lower the prices, make a commitment to  America, and start helping the people pull through this!!!!!

4.To the wealthy of this country, some of you do a fine job trying to assist the less fortunate.  And others well, really 10,000 dollars on a blouse, or 15,000 on a dog collar when there are children, and elderly who go to bed hungry every night?  Not saying you should not spend money on yourselves, after all it is your money, but what about if you spent at least some donating to homeless shelters, or school lunch programs, or meals on wheels for seniors.  Maybe even, if you do not have to work for a living, you actually donate some time to local agencies geared to help people.  Just a thought there, just a thought .

5.  Charity begins at home.  We need to help each other get on our feet.  Quit turning our backs on each other.  It is fine to help other countries, but we must heal ourselves and nourish ourselves as a country first, or we can not truly effectually help others.
6. We need to stand up and speak up when we see something wrong, and not cower in fear afraid to "get involved".  And for the sue happy people quit trying to sue people who try to help you, you will not get rich off of most of the population and you make the world a less caring place because of your behaviors, stop it, stop it now I say!
7. Quit blaming everyone else, and everything else for the way you behave, it is your behavior , own it.
Those are my opinions, some may share them, and some may not.  If we want to make the world a better place we need to start with ourselves.  Time to look in the mirror of our souls and take stock of who, and what we are, and if we have the courage, and the fortitude, strive to improve what we find there.

Pax, my friends, may God/Goddess bless us all, and  help us all to become the best we can be, each and every one of us!



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