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 When I heard that Osama Bin Laden was dead I suppose I was not surprised.  I realize that not only this government, but serveral others as well had a vested interest  in eliminating him.  I do not condone the behavior of terrorists no matter what the basis of their cause may be, or how just they may feel it is, and I know many people have lost loved ones in the events that began unfolding on that fateful september 11th, and have continued on through the present.  Many innocents have suffered behind all of this not only Americans, but people of other nations as well.  I know that many people are overjoyed at his death, and feel we have won a great victory.  They think the conflict with the terrorists is over with Bin Laden's death.........I am truly sorry to say, I think they are wrong.

I hate to be Cassandra at the gates of Troy, but I sense a storm coming, and I feel a need to warn others to be more vigilant than ever.  Terrorist extremist groups are like the dread hydras in Greek mythology, they have many heads, and even worse these metaphorical monsters grow new heads to replace the ones that are cut off.  This is not a conflict that will be resolved with the death of one man.   These are passionate, vindictive people, hence why they are called extremists.  They believe in avenging any wrongs real , or perceived within their own imaginings.  Can you imagine what they are thinking as they watch news broadcasts of Americans dancing in the streets to celebrate the death of one of their leaders (do you remember how you felt when you saw those people dancing in the streets after 9/11?)  They consider us infidels, they have already proven that they have no regard for the lives of innocents, they act, believing that even if they themselves die if they kill thousands of "infidels" (innocent people) they will be rewarded in paradise.   Knowing what I know of the terrorist mentality all I can say is I fear the days ahead deserve a tightening of security measures throughout this country, and at American facilities abroad.  This, my dear friends and readers, I feel is far from over.

I realize many Americans are going through difficult times right now.  Our economy is rocky, many people are without jobs, we have friends and loved ones far away in dangerous places, and many have lost the same since 9/11.  We are often stressed, depressed, and anxious.  We need a reason to celebrate, to believe there is justice in the world.  But I really wonder if a better response would have been to have candlelight vigils in the parks to commemorate the ones we have lost, and honor them with a becoming dignity, and to thank God/Goddess for at least a certain measure of justice in the death of one of our enemies.  Do we really want to behave like those people in certain Arab nations who were dancing in the streets when 9/11 occured?  Are we not better than that?  

Rather than celebration, I think this should be a time for circumspection.   A time to think on the loved ones we have lost, and to think on the losses of others.  It is time to pull together as a nation, set aside petty quarrels, prejudices, politics, and other foolishness and work together to make this country the shining beacon of freedom, justice, and wisdom it can become.  This is a time to look beyond our individual problems and woes and pull together as a nation so that we may move into a new era of greatness in this country. A time to guard our gates, and protect our people wherever they may be.  This is not a time to let down our guard, but to be more vigilant than ever. 

Pax my friends, may God/Goddess keep you well, and guide you safely through all storms. 


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May. 2nd, 2011 03:12 pm (UTC)
***agreement and applause***
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