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Some of My Poetry

Well, for those who wonder about the types of poetry I write here are a few samples of my work.  No, they are not great, but they are mine and that is my way of my hearts expression, along  with my other art.  I hope you enjoy them.  Pax, my friends!  May your lives be blessed by all manner of good things, and may God/Goddess keep you well until we meet again.

The Faerie Queen

 I am the queen of fire
I am the queen of hearts desire
I am the heart of the faeries queen
I am the dancer on the green
I am the warrior bold and free
I am the holder of the key
I am the healer of the pain
I singer of the sweet refrain
Life is for joy which I shall share
draw close to my circle if you dare

The Faerie Gift

Find your will
know your wish
harness your intent
focus all in harmony
balance, and content
find the joy
within your heart
hold not back
it's healing art
hinder not your soul
with sorrow
for gone twill' be
by the new morrow
and only perfect joy remain
the faeries gift
thus shall sustain

Faerie Heart

Seek me not in sorrow
in sadness, or despair
but look for me in moonlight
dancing brightly there
joy shall ever bind me
to keep my heart at peace
all form of woe and sorrow
I ever shall release
I dance in moonlit gardens
and play in lily ponds
free from stifling wardens
who would but cause me harm
If you know the heart of faerie
then so contented be
their hearts wings light and airy
thus you know the heart of me

Honour to the Sidhe

Queen of the wildwood
lady of the green
keeper of the forest
guardian of the dream
softly I follow 
through the moonlit vale
echoes of sweet laughter
as your kin do hail 
honour to the lady
honour to the Sidhe
let their magic flow now
The Leannan
Those whom she loves
burn fevered bright
but quickly gone
 is their own life's light
a demanding lover
though her gifts are great
she steals away truly
all other fate
for whom she loves 
 though prodigious may be
their life is then forfeit
to this lovely Sidhe
An Irish Blessing For My Friends
May the sunshine warm your cheek
and dry the flood of tears
May peace ever envelope you
and drive away your fears
May you be blessed with fortune
prosperity's dividend
May time ever be kind to you 
and treat you as a friend
and May your love ever increase
An Irish Blessing For a Newly Wedded Friend
May your years find nothing
but sweet tranquility
May your tongues when they speak
speak only civily
May life bring you joy
that is far beyond measure
May love fill your heart 
with the greatest of treasures
The Price
I will embrace the pain,
I will acknowledge sorrow,
For knowing I have loved
This is the price I borrow
Chosen by will this barter
I bear it in my stride
My soul knows bitter tears
Which smile and laughter hide
The secret I shall keep
Locked deep within my soul
My heart still timely beats
My mind still keeps me whole
My strength comes from a fountain
Of love so crystal pure
That even when by you denied
It’s vintage I know sure
So I bid thee farewell
Yet don’t regret a moment
Of all the love that I have felt
Nor of it’s final torment
Janice Kimball
So there they are some of my poems, all but the last are from my Faerie Collection, and the last I added just to show a different topic.   As I said they are not great but they are mine, from my heart, from my soul, from all that is me.  If you enjoy them I am glad, if you did not , well that is the way of any art is it not, to not be loved by all, and sometimes liked by none but the creator.  Pax, my friends.  Be well.




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