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Life, Art, and Other Adventures

 Well, the great job hunt continues.  I have been helping the hubby by looking up jobs he is qualified to do, as he busily, and diligently applies for them.  Life is an adventure (some adventures are more fun than others), and a place of learning.  If we are learning nothing else through all this, we will have learned the true meaning of teamwork as a couple.  I may be a profound optimist, but I still believe that somehow this whole thing will lead us to a better place in our lives.  I am not sure if this attitude is wise, or if I am merely self deluded (no my mother did not drop me on my head as an infant, but I managed to get a fair amount of head trauma growing up all on my onsies thank you very much , lol).  I may be either a fool, or a very wise woman, only time will tell.

I think I have given up entering my poetry in contests, at least for now, lol.  It is either utter crap, or too profound, and as I am somewhat biased on this, I am not sure which.. I think it would be funny, if after I die my poetry, and art suddenly became popular,lol, at least then my children, or  grandchildren could profit from it.  Irony being what it is, and me being convinced that Murphy is my closest living relative, I feel there is a strong possiblity of this happening, lol.  For those that are interested in seeing some of my art (small works, nothing big) you can go to http://www.pisamba.com/profile/main/1341912.  There you will find some of my photography work, as well as some of my art as wallpapers that I have created, feel free to download and use any you like, just credit the work to me is all I ask, lol.  I also made some kewl ringtones that you can download if you like especially for my gamer friends, those are also available for free download, let me know if you like them ^^ it would certainly brighten my day to know someone was enjoying them.  
My hugs to all who read this.  Remember to be grateful for all you have, and all those who love you!  Never miss an opportunity to tell the ones you love that you love them, or to let people know you appreciate them.  So often we forget to do that in life.  Life is not always perfect, it is the difficult times that help us to really enjoy the good times "You cannot have rainbows, without first having rain.  You can not experience true joy, if you never have felt pain."  Later all, please send me and mine good thoughts for this strange adventure we are on!  May the God/Goddess keep you safe, and well, and may all your journeys be amazing!



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