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I think for the most part every intelligent, and even remotely observant individual knows when things are "going south" in a relationship. And because we are human, and we humans just don't do well with rejection we either refuse to acknowledge, or try to beg, barter, and sometimes cajole ourselves out of the impending, and most often inevitable moment of the actual demise of the relationship. Some more superstitious folk think that if you miss someone wnough, love them enough, shed enough tears that somehow it will change the outcome. Reverse the unhappy ending into a joypus reunion, and move the cold heart to a newly kindled passion for you. I am here to tell you that none of these things will change anything, and achieve nothing other than to make you look needy. I will also tell you right now, no matter how much you think you need them, want them, can not live without them at this moment in time you might currently want them, but truly you don't want them....you don't want someone who does not want you. You definitely don't need them, and you most certainly can, and will live without them...and though you may not believe it right now, you can, and will live a happier, more fulfilling life without someone in it who does not love you to the core of your very soul... You deserve that kind of love my darlings...you truly are, so believe it...love yourself enough to know that you do...grieve for the failed dream as you must...but know that this is ending so you can have something more worthwhile...and someone in ypur life who will love you in ways this individual, who has caused you so much pain, can not....pax my darlings. I love you, and wish you only the happiest of lives.



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