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Romantic love is not for everyone

I have discovered in this life that romantic love does not seem to be my forte at all, lol.  Human sexuality is a beautiful thing truly,  but for me it muddles up the works, and my mind, leaves me vulnerable to those who openly choose to use and abuse my heart, and soul.  I can not blame them if I allow myself to be open to them...it is my choice to do so because that is what you do when you love someone in the romantic sense.  You take risks, you roll the dice, and hope the game goes in your favor.  I have loved unconditionally, and it was an amazing experience, a lesson even though it was not returned.  I do not begrudge the fact that the person did not return the love I bore them....I was however, hurt only by the fact that they chose to exploit my love, and me, for their own purposes without any remorse for the pain they caused me., but that is their Karma to bear, not mine.  I can not imagine they will find the rewards for what they chose to do to me, and the hurt they visited upon our daughter to be sweet in the end, but I would think that they will find it more bitter than gall, but that is only my thinking on this. Revenge for hurts visited upon you against those who hurt you is not an act of love, but an act of selfishness, so I do not seek it, but release this person, and their actions to the Universe, and allow the Universe to balance the books if they do  indeed, need any such balancing. That all being said I think in my next life I shall focus only on my spirituallity, to try to expand my soul and become the very best I can become sans the distraction of "romantic love", which has it's place for many, but I think not for me at all.  So I drink a toast to all those who have found real romantic love in this life, and I wish them all the very best....and I drink a toast to those cho have been broken hearted, disappointed, and lost at the game of romantic love.  I pray for bliss for all, and peace, and a love which calms the spirit and makes you know that you are loved in return by the eternal flow where the creator dwells for we are a part of creation, a part of that divine love which is limitless, and pure....Pax my friends, blessings and love to you one and all.



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