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I know when someone breaks your heart it is hard to find the good in a situation that leaves you without that person in your life.  You wish, you pray, that they will see how special you are, how worthy you are of their love....but they can not see it, and they often refuse to see it (and you are right, you are pretty damn wonderful!!).  You think if you try harder, wait longer, do more, offer more, that they will come to their senses...but they don't.  So you sit in your ocean of tears feeling as though you are drowning....feeling as though you can never love anyone like you love this one individual.  I wish I could put my arms around you at those moments and hug you.....and tell you everything is going to be OK, even though right now it feels like nothing will ever be OK again.

You wonder what is wrong with you that they do not seem to even care about you, but my darlings I tell you there is nothing wrong with you....not a single thing.  You are beautiful, and wonderful, and magnificently human with faults and foibles that make you unique, interesting, and special in so many ways.  If they can not treasure you then it is their problem....I tell you that you are blessed not to have them in your life.  Now I know you think I am crazy for saying this, but I want you to ponder this deeply, ask yourself do you want someone in your life who does not love you, treasure you, and see you as their moon, their stars, and their very sun...... I promise you that you do not want someone in your life who does not feel those things about you, and for you.... You need someone who loves you to the very core of your soul, faults and all beacuase you deserve someone who loves you deeply enough to move mountains for you, anything less than that is unacceptable. 

So I tell you that even though your heart aches, thank the powers that be that you did not end up with that person, who does not love you, or care about you as you deserve..Hold your head up, and keep your heart open, because someday the one who loves you the way you should  be loved will be there with you, and you will be glad that you are not tied in a relationship with that individual you pine for right now who does not love you, or treasure you, and who truly does not deserve you..  Pax and blessings my beautiful friends.  Be well and know always you are loved, and are worthy of love!



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