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I asked for a rose

Sometimes people come into your life who are abusive, and toxic....You try, and try to make things better.  You give all that you can, and then some... yet still they treat you in ways that you would never treat anyone....and that my friends is your clue, that is your clarion call that this individual is toxic.....Know that nothing can help your relationship with them.  No act that you can perform large, or small will ever make them treat you as they should, as a valued, cherished soul that brings friendship and love into their lives.  It is time to walk away from these people.  You have given your all, you have done all you can do...and let me assure you that you will never change the outcome with this person....Leave them alone, you do not need them....you are worth so much more, so much better than they could ever give to you.  Do not allow abuse of your soul for the sake of love, you may love someone with all your heart, but stand firm against abuses to your own.....Pax my friends, I share with you this poem, and my love and hopes for you that love is always returned to you a thousand fold, but if it is not remember you are a treasure, and if someone does not value and hold you in esteem as they should that you must move on without remorse, or regrets because you are loved even if not by them....Hugs and much love to you all.

I asked for a rose
by Janice Keller-Kimball

I asked for a rose

you gave me a thorn

I asked for your friendship

but you gave me none

I reached out my hand

but you were to cool

for you seemed to delight

in just treating me cruel

I asked for your smile

but twas’ your smile I lacked

I asked for your shoulder

but you just turned your back

I was there for your use

at your pleasure you see

but you never thought once

about caring for me

and now that your needs

are upon you again

you look for that “she”

who was always a friend

a good soul unwavering

whose love ne’er did end

but now do you see

that her smile has gone cold

and she greets you not warmly

as in days of old

yet you stand amazed

at these changes you view

when you ne’er stood by me

when life’s troubles did brew

you’re befuddled, confused

as I stand off, and away

for finally I’ve tired

of this cat and mouse play

So why am I done now

You surprised do now ask

the answer is simple

put yourself to the task!



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