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Note to self

Sometimes trying to help people to mend their relationships is it's own punishment.  I am being told off by both sides, one side because they are pissed that I should even make any form of suggestion about keeping the other person in question in the loop...I suggested that if they were out of the hospital that they might want to keep individual b in the loop....for this I got accused of lecturing them and basically told to mind my own damn business.  And individual b is upset with me because I am trying to get them to look at the situation from the possibliity of perspectives of individual A on what happened....so I get accused of not believing individual B.  there are 2 sides to every story, and it has been my experience that in any situation with breakdown of communications, or miscommunications the 2 individuals involved are veiwing everything soley from their own perspective, without even attempting to veiw it from the other persons eyes.....I should have known better than trying to fix this though....I should have stayed out of it, but sometimes when you care about people you have to at least try to help them ....even if they don't want it.  At least I know I did my best, and that will have to be my consolation as I make a hard choice now between these two individuals, and leave one individual in the dust of the past....and that is OK because they never really wanted me, or my friendship in any case.  Let's hear it for Kali's Daughter as I ride into the sunset burning down the old dreams, and hopes in order to embrace new and better things, and people entering my life.  Pax my friends, let love light your way guide your heart, and your hands, and may compassion and understanding ever rule your souls...  



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