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Moving on

I promised you more details on my husband's being fired from his job, and here they are. Set before you for your edification, and my own catharsis. He earlier in the month had pointed out to several supervisors, including marketing supervisors, and even  the company president that some of the items they were selling were defective (granted these items are not things which are life saving in nature, but still he felt it was wrong to sell a defective product).  He knew these items were defective because part of his job was to issue RMAs for said items.  At this time the president of the company assured him that it was only a small group of people being affected by this defective merchandise.  Let it be noted now  that this is not the first time he pointed out problems, or potential problems to others in charge at the company.

Late last month we had a huge snowstorm, and we became snowed in.  We live in the mountains off the main road on a small side dirt road.  Granted this is California, but the snow in the mountains came late this year (and yes Virginia, it does snow in California, lol).  Furthermore, my husband had time on the books, has never taken a vacation other than 2 days off attached to a weekend once, and the occasional rare pre- arranged day off, and equally rare sick day.  He generally went in early to work, and mostly took lunches at his desk so he could continue to answer phones and assist customers, since their customer service department consisted of only 2 people.  Also it is of note that his immediate boss frequently calls in and takes Mondays off "sick" leaving only him to handle the work load

 When he went in to work the next day after calling due to the snow in situation, he was literally verbally attacked out in the main cubicle area in front of all the other departments and employees who were in that area, by both his immediate supervisor, and their department head (who by the way, was relatively new to the company. )  He was called a liar, and told they were thinking about firing him and replacing him with a temp, because he was lying to them, thoroughly embarrassing, and humiliating him in front of  everyone who was on on the floor, or working in that area at the time, even though he was able to produce pictures he had taken of the snow, and CalTrans itself had a winter conditions flashing lights message on the road going up to our house.  They even accused him of doctoring the photos in Photoshop, (oh yes, they know he knows how to use photoshop because he used to help them with their ads, charging no more for his time than his regular pay, even though he has a bachelor's degree in media arts and animation). I assure you he did not lie,  I was here, and  the snow was a foot and a half deep, and we were in fact, snowed in.

Scroll forward 3 weeks.  The "Blue Plate Special" , an event that occurs monthly in their company where everyone in the company is required to make sales calls to the companies clients and offer them special deals going on at that time.  My husband has been calling the same people on his list for 3 years, and as would be expected after 3 years of calling the same people, he knows which buyers are in on Wednesdays, and which buyers have that day off.  The ones he knew were off that day he simply wrote "not in" beside their name, because he knew they would not be there and the buyers are the only ones who could authorize any purchases from the sale, and that his companies sales department would call those people the next day to extend the sale offers to them as a courtesy.  While he is calling all these people he is still required to do his regular job , answering customer calls, filling out RMAs , following up on RMAs, entering all the appropriate data in all the appropriate places, and there is a lot of data which needs to be entered believe me.  

At about 3:30 pm he was called into a conference room with HR, his supervisor, and his department head and accused of trying to "embezzle" the company out of the 10 dollar bonus for making all the calls on the list when he had not actually called some of the people , but wrote down "not in" on the people he knew would not be there that day because that was their normal day off.  He was told that is was not relevant that he knew it was their day off, that he was required to call them and by writing that they were not in (even though he had been calling people on this same list for 3 years, and truly did know their schedule) constituted him trying to "steal " from the company.  My husband is quite frankly swamped at his work, and he admitted he did not call the people that he knew had their regular day off on that day, but it had nothing to do with trying to "embezzle" ten dollars, and everything to do with being prudent with time use.  He was made to sign a disciplinary action paper the next day, which he did and added  "signed under duress" beside his signature.  This signing took place Thursday afternoon.  He was upset about the situation, but what could he do?

We live 63 miles away from the place he was working, which means it is 126 miles round trip.  He got up Friday and went to work, only to be called immediately into a conference room by the afore mentioned 3 people and was told he was fired......Really?  How vindictive is that, they make him drive that far when gas here is over 4 dollars a gallon, and knowing he was no longer employed and it would cause further strain on us financially?  The HR girl  "claimed" she sent him an email to his regular home email, which he never received.  I let you draw your own conclusions on that little factoid, hmmm.   We later that Friday received his last check via Fedex next day delivery, which means they had already decided to fire him on Thursday, but actually let him drive all the way down to work, in my personal opinion, just to be nasty to him one more time.  By the way the check almost went to our neighbors because it was, in fact, misaddressed i.e it was missing part of the address.  Thank God our Fedex man has a brain, because clearly the HR girl left hers somewhere while she was out shopping.

In ending this, I think he is better off out of there.  They never appreciated him for all the hard work, and above and beyond the call of duty types of things he did all the time for the company without any compensation, or any thoughts of such at all.  I think he will find a far better job now.  One where he can grow, and his efforts and hard work are appreciated.  I think they are very foolish, because they will be very, very unlikely to find anyone as dedicated, hard working, or concerned about the companies welfare as my husband was.  Their loss will be someone else's gain.

On the bright side of all this, and yes, there is a bright side.  My husband has had many of his friends rally to his side, and now more than ever I think he realizes what I have always told him is true.  That he is indeed, rich in friends, because to my thinking a few good friends are worth more than their weight in gold and gems.

 I also think, because of my husbands sense of loyalty to the company he would never have gone out and actively pursued different employment (even though he was not paid overly much for his skills), because he is just that kind of a person, loyal to the very last.  He could certainly get better elsewhere, and was definitely entitled to better than what he received, not that he ever felt that way about his job, but I, in all honesty, did.  So I am looking at this as a new, and better beginning for him filled with new and far better possibilities, and opportunities than those he had at his previous job.  Think good thoughts for him, and us, as we begin a new adventure in our lives.



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