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spell to release a false friend

In a room light a candle black as ebon night and a candle pure and white, and incense of cedar, sage, and roses  do light upon the Lady's dark moon night.  Then cast this spell to release thee from all who hold you not in love kindly, but in baser ties then  be set free.  May this spell thus empower thee, within my light and love now be. Invoke my name I'll  join your spell,  now three times three, do mark me well, and harming none with  loving spell, may our will bless all then three times three, and therefore we say so mote it be. .

Now its time for us to part
you know I loved you from the start
but ne're did I truly have your heart
so now tis time a new course to chart
unbridled now this horse from cart

I release you now in light and love
and in full view of heaven above
my spirit flies free as a winged dove
no slave am I to  masters glove
no more your will upon me shove

be gone from me with your ill will
no more on me your venom spill
I'll no more with my tears your fields till
no more of your words cruel and shrill
as friend you ne'er did fit the bill

we are done tis true and that's the case
no more of love is there a trace
I face the world with shining face
as a heart of love holds no disgrace
my freedom gladly do I embrace

Let us part our ways now in peace
from your orbit do I I seek release
let your ill will now desist. decease
causing no more my brow to crease
upon life and love I have new lease

no longer even a part of me
from my love you are set free
no bonds remain twixt me and thee
I will this now three times three
In light and love so mote it be



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