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end of a friendship

farewell old friend I bid adieu
I see now we are finally through
not much for me to say, or do
than simply walk away from you

for years I stood there by your side
in faith and love I did abide
oft did you scold me, and did chide
But I just took it in my stride

for I knew that deep down inside
such love did dwell and could not hide
so though I sometimes found I cried
beside you, I, in love did ride

then upon us came the day
I asked for mercy to but allay
the angry words that to me you'd say
my spirit weak I but asked delay

then In anger you lashed out your fury
you were executioner, judge and jury
then did you show your love as only usury
for no sign of love graced me, your quarry

I offended thee, and so no mercy shown
for from your heart all love had flown
Your anger twisted your heart to stone
and you stormed off leaving me alone

Thus did our friendship end that day
you took it and you walked away
for imagined crimes you'ld make me pay
you never chose to let me have my say

And though tis' sad there is relief
from endings which did bring me grief
for ended was my forebelief
as you, cruelty's dagger did unsheath

 That never had you been true friend....
and so in your ending did you send
the message that once my heart did rend
yet brought me peace here at the end

For you can not loose love never gained
and though with tears this thought is stained
a cleansing love has now on my soul rained
no more false friend, no more love feigned

By Janice Kimball



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