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A time to set aside our differences.....

The right of free assembly and free speech are integral to the freedoms guaranteed by our amendments....I do not support or condone the actions of those who would deny their fellow Americans those basic rights. whether they be from the left OR the right. But here is the thing we must remember, with the sweet comes the bitter....we must allow those to speak who's voices carry messages we do not like, and things we do not agree with…

Here is an example: I really do not care for Howard Stern at all I find his words and behaviors on air obnoxious....BUT this is America and he has a right to say those words and to express himself in whatever way he chooses to do so, contrary wise I freely exercise my own right to change the station every time he comes on the radio and simply not listen to him. If other's want to listen to him that is fine, but I choose not to.

I realize it is harder to get away from it on the internet, and in the news media where things bombard us in many areas we have no control over....To a certain extent you simply have to grow a thick skin if you are going to truly uphold the freedoms of our country because, even though I personally think it is wrong to say unkind, cruel, or inflammatory things to, or about other people, the fact is if we are to truly support the first amendment we must allow people to do just that because the truth is they can say pretty much whatever they want to short of straight up cases of slander, or libel which if they affect a persons livelihood, or severely impair their reputation may be prosecuted in a court of law in certain cases.. We have to learn to let the words of others not soak in to our psyche, and dampen our spirits, but like a duck, we need to just let the water roll right off our backs

That does not make what they say morally right, or a good choice, or even true sometimes, but the fact is they can say it....and in return we can also speak our minds in kind if we choose to. Huzzah the First Amendment! Here is one of the important things about this you can either turn this whole thing into a grand mud slinging contest which only serves to makes both sides look bad ultimately OR we can choose to take the harder path and let our actions and deeds match our words in order to lead others by example.

We do this by not allowing ourselves to be sullied in a mudslinging war which only serves to infuriate those around us and does not unite people, but divides us further….instead we choose to stand firm in our beliefs letting those slings and arrows hit us, and marching forward in spite of it. We do this to create an America, and a world, where people work together for a common good, and that does not mean I am going to agree with everything someone else says, but I am willing to work out a compromise that will work for the majority (and I limit this to the majority because, as we all know some folks on both the left and the right who are never happy no matter how reasonable you are and no matter how great the idea is, lol. They want it their way and they will throw a tantrum that rivals a two year old if they don’t get it….let them, it only shows them to be immature, and childish, and reflects badly on them. They want drama, let them attend their own play in an empty theater...you don’t have to attend)

The bottom line is is this... if you want people to work with you, you have to be willing to work with them….and this can never be achieved by responding to the bad behavior of others with your own bad behaviors (i.e. name calling, labeling, etc.)…..Someone, somewhere has to be willing to stop the cycle, and if enough people are willing to step up to the plate to do that….then, and only then will change for the better begin.

I have chosen to be one of those someone, somewhere people. It is not an easy stance, it means I am willing to be a target for extremists on both sides for verbal abuse, and I have been...but I love this country, it’s freedoms, and all it stands for enough, and believe in it enough to take those hits and still keep to my own principals, the ones I believe will ultimately bring about positive change. I believe this is the most sensible and sane approach to achieve that end result.

Now others may not agree with me, but I would ask you how many fights, or arguments you have ever seen resolved between two people who are screaming at each other back and forth without either ever willing to back down at all? I would say most likely zero, if you are being honest….So you could keep trying to hammer at each other with unkind words...or you can let them scream themselves out alone while you move on to make the better world you dream of without them. In my thinking that is pretty much the bottom line on all this..



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