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The world is full of all kinds of people, and there are times you just have to realize some folks enjoy being victim's, being dramatic, and don't really want your advice on fixing things.  Today I had someone "unfriend" me on facebook because they posted a rant, and I offered them some options to deal with their problems, and take control of the situation that she claimed was driving her crazy...the following is the letter I posted in response to her rant that earned me an "unfriend", lol....when she unfriended me I sent her a message apologizing if what I said offended her, but that I would not be apologizing for trying to help her, and I said goodbye and goodluck.  Life goes on, I remind myself that those who love me, love me...and those who do not  are welcome to leave with my blessings to follow their own paths without me.  Their loss because honestly where can you find such high quality crazy as you can with me, lol....So bellow is the copy of the "Offensive" letter, lol I am such a bad girl ya know lol.

I don't “do” pass it along messages either, but I guarantee you will still get them because not everyone sees everything you post, including this message you just posted. I see maybe a tenth of everything my friends post, sometimes I pop into their page if it is someone I have established a close relationship with if I have not seen a post from them in a while to check up on them and I comment on their recent posts then that I may have missed. So in all fairness to your fb friends they may not be getting all your messages, including this one. If you have people who are consistently messaging you and doing these types of things that are driving you nuts you should tag them on your post to be sure they see it.

I do upon occasion forward petition notifications, but it is a rare petition that gets passed on by me. I have only posted about 12 of them in my 5 plus years on fb., and when I am forwarding them it is generally from my email and not from fb and I don't have fb up, and can't see anyone's timezone, lol...so I just will be sure not to forward petitions to you. …

I do not send personal messages to people unless they either ask me a question, developed a particularly strong bond with, or are someone that I have known for years and I am aware where they live so I don't think I am in that category with you at this point in time. We may get there in time lol.

If you are having issues because of your cell phone with fb giving you notifications of messages, and posts...you can turn that off on your phone, and on fb my daughter, showed me how to do that (it is in settings I believe) because my notifications were driving everyone batty including me. I am betting this is what the problem is for you... although I could be wrong

You should turn off your computer, or laptop at night anyway unless there is a download etc, and if you want to, or have to leave it on you can turn the volume down to basically mute and your computer will make no sounds (I assume you already do this and this is merely me being overly OCD and covering all the possibilities.)

I have insomnia everyday and have had it for years due to medical conditions...so I understand your feeling cranky when you don't get sleep, but you do have control of some things in your environment and FB notifications either on the phone or on your computer are totally within your control hon. Life is too short to stress the little stuff…



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