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For the days when things are hard...

Some days in our lives are harder than others.  Sometimes things, and people seem to be pitted against you in ways you can not understand.  Those days I like to take a step back and breathe, just breathe for a moment...and then I remind myself that life may not always seem fair, that people are not always kind, honest, or well intentioned, and that no one can ever be anyone other than who they truly are....The world does not revolve around me, and people do not have to behave, feel, or believe in a manner that I would wish them to....they are not me.  What I would do in a situation is my choice, and I believe you should always be true to who you are...this is my advice.   Remember that others do not have to choose to behave as you would because their motivations, thoughts, and feelings are theirs...not yours.  So the best thing is to just let it go when they behave in ways that you would not (even on the worst day of your life), and sometimes when their behavior is beyond the pale....sometimes you have to let them go.

See here is the secret you need to know, and that is that if someone is toxic in your life consistantly you do not have to keep them in your life.  Whether it is a friend, a lover, a family member, or whoever you can minimize, if not totally negate their impact in your life .  You can do this by taking their power away by not bothering to rise to the bait of their arguments, nasty, or snide comments, or their bad behavior....by chosing to not argue with them even when you know they are wrong and you are right (if you know your right does it really matter what they believe?),and to not become upset with their nasty comments, but to behave in a manner which shows them for what they truly are, and simply walking away from them when they attempt to misuse your kindness, disrespect you, or they treat you like you are not worth their time  (maybe you are not their cup of tea, but believe me when I tell you that you are somebody else's glass of Dom Perignon... so don't worry about it because it really is their loss, not yours!!) remember this my friends, if you are not a priority in their life you need to understand they can not be a priority in yours. because if they are it is rather like forcing yourself on them when they do not want you (and that is just humiliating and degrading).

Walk away with your head held high, be true to who you are, be a lady, be a gentleman,  do not seek revenge, let go of ego, understand that bad things do happen to good people, but they do pass...as it says in one of my favorite movies "The Crow"....."It can't rain all the time"  bad times pass, bad people eventually get a karmic bitch slap even if you are not around to see it..  The sun will shine again, you will smile again, and the world will continue on....Hang in there my darlings because the wheel of life is ever turning.....good things are on the way, good times are coming, and good people... the ones you really need in your life... will find you, cherish you, and hold you close in their hearts until all the tears are no more than memories fading into the mists.  Pax and love to all f you...may you always find love and kindness even in the worst of times.



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