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Wake up to truth's clarion call

Feeling much better these days.  I was trying to hold on to something, to be there for someone who never cared for me, who never was my friend, nor wanted my friendship.  I tried so hard to  be a friend to them even though my friendship was not wanted because I cared so deeply for them....and the toll of doing this was weighing most heavily on my heart and soul. I do not regret doing this, for love is never wasted, but there comes a time one must look into the mirror of the soul and assess one's self honestly.  Finally I realized what I was doing to myself, that I was only torturing, and hurting myself. What could I do? The only sensible thing there was to do, I simply walked away in the end, it was time to let go completely....I have not said anything to this person, because really anything I had to say would be for me....not for them, because they simply did not care at all,.  No letter of explanation, no attempt to give reasons, if I did so  I suspect that perhaps I would have been subconsciously hoping this friend would be suddenly realize that they did care about me and come to their senses, and that would be sheer folly on my part...  .No more self deception it is time for the truth no matter how unpleasant that truth is.

You can love someone with all your heart, care for them with all your being, even to the core of your very soul....but it does not mean that they will care one bit for you, or that you will ever mean anything to them, and that is the hard and painful truth.  In these cases the best you can do is wish them well and hope they find happiness and walk away knowing you did the best you could do, gave all you could give and find comfort in that fact, which is what I have done.  It is a lesson in unconditional love, if there is a reward for this in time, I can only hope.  I do know that no matter how much you love and care for another you should never allow yourself to be demeaned by that person even if you love them deeply....don't let anyone use and abuse your kindness, your goodness, your love, your friendship......I am worth more than that, and so are you my beautiful friends.....Pax and belssings, and much love to all of you always......It is time to wake up to truth's clarion call and move on.....



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