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so be it

Today an amazing blessing....Finally I have decided to end all toxic relationships in my life.  This was hard, because I try so hard to work things out with certain members of my family, and some of my friends, because I genuinely love them....the truth is though no matter how much I love them it is not enough to make the emotional abuse OK.  .

Today I realize I am done.  No more arguing, or trying to explain to you that you are projecting your thoughts, motivations,beliefs, and behaviors onto me. Frelling news flash I actually know my own motivations, actions, and thought processess better than you do!!!  No more being blamed for a past imperfect in which many of the "offenses" I have commited either did not happen, or happened differently as they are being presented to others.  No more rude, nasty quips.....I am done....

You wanted to paint me as the bad guy, please go ahead, because from this day forward I am no longer emotionally invested in your life, or your outcomes.  I won't "bother" you anymore, by calling while you talk to your friends, or boyfriends.....I won't text you anymore at inconvieneint times....and from now on when, and if you do text me I will text you back when, and if I feel like it.  I will forget your special days, just as you have so often forgotten mine, and when you then text me asking what is up because of it.....Guess what?  I won't bother to answer either. I will give you the same treatment on that front as you have given me. I won't be rude you you, or disrespectful, as you have been to me, but I will treat you with the same cavalier disregard you so readily show me.

 Know now that this "inconvienient woman", has packed up her heart, and her bags, and moved on.  You will no longer have the luxury of treating me badly.....I am done, and gone!  I will no longer be made miserable by your ill treatment. You awakened the dragon, and now you will know why she should have been left to sleep in peace.   Pax to those who read this, may courage, and honor guide your steps, and may love ever light your path.



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