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Stick a fork in me, I am done

I really am amazed at people, I don't get why someone, who made it clear to you they did not want your friendship months later is sending you ghost texts/email.   I guess perhaps they are looking for forgiveness fine...I gave it ages ago, not for their sake, but for my own so that I could move on,

Do  I need to let them know that they are forgiven so they will just leave me alone?  I want to move on in my life in peace, not be poked every few months when I am working through my own feelings about my friendship being rejected.  Why can't this person just leave me alone?  Do they revel in causing me discomfort, and if so. why?  What did I do to them in a past life that makes them want to keep attempting to hurt me, or cause discomfort in my life by not simply letting me move on in my life?..

.I have accepted they do not want to be my friend, and that they only used me. I am certain that seeking friendship is not the intention of these ghost emails/texts.  Yes, I know it is my fault for allowing them to use me, and I accept that responsibility...... but as to their actions, only they themselves are answerable for them. They win, I'm done, I give up....what more could they possibly want from me?

I can not absolve them of any karma they have regarding the events, that is their debt to pay, I can't change that no matter how much forgiveness I give them.  Karmic debts can only be paid by the debtor, and not by anyone else.   I know these are all rhetorical questions, totally irrelevant to anything.  I happen to believe in karma , but perhaps that is not real either, but only my way to try to make the world a more just place.  I honestly don't know anymore, and I don't care...I am feeling frustrated, and tired.....so stick a fork in me, I am done.  Pax to whoever may read this, may you have all the people in your life treat you well, and  may they always treat you with respect, and kindness also.



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