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What is friendship?  How do you define it, how do you sum up in words that glorious state of human interactions that is a friendship.  I think we all have certain qualities we look for in a friend, and in friendship so I will give you the dictionary version with thanks to Merian-Webster online dictionary here it is:
Simple Definition of Friendship

The state of being friends.
The quality, or state of being friendly.

That is a basic, generic version of friendship, and there are different levels of friendship too, different types of friends....Here is a listing, and definition of some of the types of friends, and friendship that is out there in the world:  The casual friendship:  this is someone you may see at events, and parties, in your neighborhood who you enjoy conversing with, and with whom you share a mutual appreciation for one another, and may admire, or like, but feel no compelling pull to spend more time with.

The work friendship- You are in the work environment with this person, you enjoy the camaraderie at work, and respect the person, but you rarely socialize with these people outside of the work environment.  It is very similar to the casual friendship in its dynamics.  The acquaintance friendship- The clerk you see every week you see at the grocery store, the local mechanic you have gone to for years, the teller at the bank whose window you always seem to end up at....you exchange pleasantries while doing your business transaction, they may ask about your family, your work, small talk about one another's life, these friendships rarely if ever involve any contact at all outside the place where you do your business interactions.  That is not to say these people are faking being nice to you, but generally, you give very little thought to what is going on with them after you have had the brief business-related interactions with them.

Next we have the Fair Weather friend:  You usually have a real sense of a deeper friendship with this person, until the feces impacts the high velocity oscillating device and then these "friends" vanish like morning dew on a hot summer's day....it is not exactly that they are not your friends, but it is a friendship for them of conditions, and most often convenience.  These individuals will be your friend until the point in time where greater effort is needed in the friendship....and then they simply do not have the courage,dedication, or the inclination to stand by your side during life's storms, instead they scurry away offering a multitude of excuses, and  sometimes apologies, for why they can not be there for you...The bottom line is they are more concerned with their own lives than they ever have been with yours, you, and your problems will never be a priority to these individuals.

 The User/Looser friend...OK, this is not really a friend, they are nice to you only while you fill a need, or a void in their lives once they are done using you they walk away until they need you again.  They don't "end" the "friendship", they merely exit your life putting the "friendship" in a sort of strange limbo, at least until they have a need for you again, either to stroke their ego's, help them out of a jam, or help them get over their latest, rather unsurprisingly failed relationship...Then they are back pounding on your door, weeping and miserable.   It is all about them baby, and it will NEVER, EVER be about you. These people are self- centered, and self-absorbed and, quite frankly, just plain selfish....and no matter how much you give, do, care for, or love this individual it will never be enough to get them past themselves, and more often than not they never recognize all the things you have done for them...they will only be superficially caring towards you, and only when it suits their own needs. This really is not a friendship, it is a toxic relationship where your only reward will ultimately be emotional pain. Every problem within the friendship will be blamed on YOU, no matter how rational, or reasonable you are with these people ...My advice about these people is to remove them from your lives post haste, because what you really want is.....

A True Friend:This is someone who has your back, who is loyal, loving, trustworthy, honest, compassionate, empathetic, kind, giving, and who respects you, and is there for you when you need them.  This is the individual who is there for you when everything in your world is falling apart, and the fair weather friends have all jumped ship, so to speak,  It is the one who defends you even when you are not there to see, or hear it.  This is the individual who helps you move into your new home, and helps you to move mountains in your life.  This person loves you and wants you to be happy. This person will take your call at 3 am on a work night and will hold your hand and listen while you weep about your latest break-up.  This person will fight beside you, will have your back, will want you to be happy, and succeed, and will do what they can to help you succeed in life.  These people are your rock and your shelter against life's storms.  They are your cheer squad and your truest allies.  These people know all your faults and foibles and still choose to stay beside you, loving you, and loyal to you in spite of them all...and sadly these people are a very rare breed.....

So if you have one of these in your life, count  yourself as lucky, and if you have more than two, or three of these in your life consider yourself blessed in the best possible way, and beyond all imagining....They may not be able to fix all your problems, but they will always be there to help you get through them.....Show these friends how much they mean to you whenever you can, because they are treasures worth more than gold, or jewels...Cherish them with all your hearts and always let these amazing, fabulous, magical folk know that you do, and be there for them as they are for you.....Life is short, so pax my friends.  May you have many true friends in this life...as always I wish you nothing but light, and love, and magnificent success in all you do.  Live well, do good, be good always my darlings, and may life ever bring you the wonderment of magic, and joy.



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