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Iris stood holding out her hands now transparent and softly shimmering with what looked like a million tiny flashes of differnt colored light. Those hands feeling the rain, and now that she was no longer bound by a corporeal form she felt the energy of that rain.  It's essence glowed a soft blue green aura that seemed at once both cool, and gentlly healing to her.  She looked aound her nothing looked as it once did.  She saw the standing stones their energy radiating brown, and green, she heard the deep resonant music-like tone they gave off which seemed to reach deep into the earth itself.  She saw her lifeless body on the ground, and she watched as it began to gently resonate faintly with the same colors as the stones,  and in tones sounding far softer, higher pitch than  the stones...She knew that already her body had begun the process of returning to the earth.  She had been granted her wish and she knew it, to return to the stones, her energy joining with them she felt them flow through her, and herself through them.  Love deeper than she had ever known coursed through her being embracing her almost like a lover, yet not holding her bound to it.

 She would remember these feelings years later when the mortal man she once loved came to this place, weeping, and begging forgiveness for the wrongs he had done to her, and for his rejection of her love.  He uttered the words aloud she had so longed to her while she had dwelled in her human form, hoping that somehow she would hear him, declaring how he had loved her, and had never realized it, and how he wished she could nave spent a lifetime with him, how he wished he could go back in time and make things right.  She was surprised by her own reaction to this declaration, she felt no urge to join him, no sorrow, no remorse. She did not look at him in anger either for she was far beyond any pain he had caused her in life.  She saw his frail mortal form wracked with remorse, and pain and she felt compassion....but surprisingly no more so than she did for any wounded creature.  She gave him then the only kindness that she could, as she did to all who visited the stones, she reached with her hands to his heart and soul, those hands shimmering wiith the healing energies of the earth itself, and she touched him.  She watched as some of the pain seemed to lift off of him, easing his tortured soul.

 Then she did something she had never done for any other creature, perhaps it was the remnants of the great love she once bore him in life, she did not know, but she reached her hands out and touched his cheek gently wiping away his tears.  He looked surprised and raised his hand to his cheek where she had touched him, he looked around him as though he expected to see her there.  He sighed, holding his cheek a moment.  "Is that you my love?" he asked softly,  She allowed her energy to move forward out of the stones, something she had not done in so very many years, and she kissed his forhead lovingly, and she realized at that moment that she loved him still, that real love was eternal and unending.  He felt the kiss upon his brow and heard her answer softly, as a sigh in the wind, "yes".  She watched as his contenance brightened,  "Have you forgiven me?  Do you love me still?"" again he heard her answer whispered on the wind, tears of joy now streaming freely down his face he put his hands on one of the stones.  "I will find you my love when I die, I will find you and we shall be together always." , he murmured, and she knew that he spoke truly.

He came to the stones often after that, telling her all of his secrets, all the things he wished he had told her while she had lived, sharing with her all of his life that he could...She wrapped herself around his heart at those times allowing the healing energies to flow through her freely, and into his now mending soul.  Love was eternal, and unconditional if it was pure...and her love for him had always been so, and now, his was for her as well.  Their souls joined now, swirling together becoming almost as a single flame...two flames burning as one.



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