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I know the day will come
by Janice Kimball

I know there will come a day
when I'll no longer cry
I know there will come a day
when inside I do not die
I know there will come a day
when all I am is finally free
and on that fateful day
I know that you'll want only me
to have me in your life indeed,
shall be your one and only plea
but far beyond your reach is where
at long last I shall be
for justice being what it is,
no doubt, tis' the true certainty
because try though as we might
tis' karma's hand we cannot flee

then within the sacred grove
...there under old oak tree
in green and mossy bower,
my spirit sips a summer's tea
 I'll sit upon silken pillows
before both.Lord, and  dear Lady
there beside bright leafy willows
that cosseted courtier loved, is me
for tis' there it sits  in splendor
residing in  grandest majesty
the sacred blessing cup
which holds all of eternity
wihere in ancient halls I sup
in swirling veils of secrecy
overflowing with deepest love
I'll embrace sacred wisdom
which offered there
shall be solomnly given
so that I alone upon that day
will be privy for to see
and with their gentle blessings borne
as on the wings of sweet faerie
I'll bid adieu, and without pause
take then my long yearned for liberty
and with greatest elan
I'll dance away ecstaticly
into that final journey that is my
own thrice blessed eternity
for at long last unfettered,
unbound, and unchained
my spirit shall soar free,  away
for it  never could be tamed



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