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Many times in this lifetime the God/Goddess have put me in a position to see the outcome of karma.  Today I was given once again, the opportunity to view a tiny bit of it.  Here is the story, a true tale to be told, about 10 years ago I had 2 friends who were living together as a couple.  For months the young man, who is still a dear friend, was concerned that the young lady (no longer a friend) was interested in someone else.  She reassured him she was not.  Even I spoke to her and advised her that if her feelings for him had changed that was Ok, we can not help whom we love, or do not love,but if she was interested in someone else she should be honest and let him know, and she adamantly denied any interest in the other person in question to me at that point. I then advised her once again that though we could not help who we loved,  if we did not love someone who still loved us we were obligated to minimize the person's suffering by telling them the truth so they could move on. The young man being intuitive, and nobodies fool, became increasingly distraught and depressed over the following months, sensing her dishonesty as she continued to deny any involvement with the other man.   Our friend, the young man. ultimately sought proffesional counseling and was put on Prozac  A few months later it came to light to both her live in boyfriend, and to myself, that she was indeed having a relationship with this other individual in spite of all her persistant, and adamant denials that such a relationship existed.

My daughter who was a friend to them both, as well as a roomate to them both at one point. could no longer bear to see the young man suffer, and so she told him the truth of what was going on. The young man reeling mentally, and emotionally from not only the side affects of the Prozac, but also incredible stress, and increasing severe depression due to the young woman's long months of persistant denials, and dishonesty, attempted to take his own life, Fortunately he failed in his attempt.   My daughter was vilified by the young woman, and portrayed as the bad guy for telling the truth to the young man.  The young woman played the innocent victim in all this, never admitting her own part in the situation and currying the sympathy of all  that she could, to the point of some people being physically threatening to my daughter. \ And, seeing as I, and my husband stood not only beside,my daughter, upholding her decision to be honest, but also the young man, defending him from others in our social group who labeled him cowardly, weak, and pathetic and who were totally without compassion, or any desire to understand or help this yourng man through this difficult time, thus we too became vilified by this young woman.  As a result my husband, and I were also shunned by all but one of these people in that particular social group for standing up and defending said young man at a time when he could not defend himself (I counted this as no great loss for if these people were so easily swayed by a young,  pretty body,and face then I did not want them as friends in any case).  Through all this the young woman manipulated sympathy for herself, and continued in secret for a time, to carry on with the other man (who by the way, was himself  married to someone else during this. I personally can not say how he conducted himself with his then wife, therefore I can not tell if his actions were good, or less than stellar.  As I pointed out already, the heart loves where it will love, no controlling that, and no fault in that).

This is not about judging this young woman, or the man she became involved, these things do not make her (or him) evil. or bad.  No one knows better than I do that one can not choose where the heart will love. but when you choose a path that you know harms someone (ie. persisting in deceptive behaviors that cause suffering to others), and you continue on that path to your own ends (your own pleasure, or gain), ignoring the harm it is doing to those around you... those actions are wrong actions with resulting karmic debt.  She further compounded that debt by feigning innocence to gain sympathy after the fact, all the while knowing full well that it was her choice of actions which created the huge amounts of stress on others  and in a very large part contributed to the course of actions others followed down the line. Why this young woman chose to do the things she did I can not know, perhaps fear, or insecurity, but whatever the reason the of her actions it had a hurtfull impact on many others that she was fully, and acutely aware of whilst she was carrying out said actions (she saw how much her live in boyfriend was hurting, and she knew that her silence was causing a great strain mentally, and emotionally on my daughter, her friend. as well, as my daughter had pleaded with her repeatedly over the young man's long months of suffering for her to be honest with him and tell him the truth because of the great pain it was causing him).

She could have chosen at any point in time to be honest with the young man in order to end the mental, and emotional anguish he was experiencing, and also the suffering she put my daughter through as well. She could have,but did not. As to the wrong she perpetuated against me and my husband, how do I feel?  I personally see it as a pivotal point where I was able to release some of the flotsam, and jetsam of humanity from my life, those individuals who did not truly love and care for, or about me were swept away from me, and this to me was not a bad thing ultimately, but a release from further obligation to those who had no real love, or understanding of me although at the time, it was a painful experience. She made a choice to continue to do harm to multiple people, her actions were negative actions, and this is something I knew she would one day have to face, and deal with, because Karma is unavoidable in the end.

Years went by, the two individuals, the young woman and her paramour, did indeed wed each other.  The young man went on to meet, date, eventually fall deeply in love with, and marry a wonderful young woman who loves him as much as he loves her.  They are currently happily expecting their first child together in a week or so.  The young man and his new love have been through some tough times as a couple, she had a life threatening illness that she overcame, and he stood beside her through it all, his love, and his loyalty unwavering. A happy love story  for the young man and his beloved if ever there was one.

I heard today from our friend that the ex girlfriend who had treated the young man so badly had been asking that particular friend,(the one who did not abandon us when the other's turned away, and whom she knew had stayed in contact with us,) about the young man.  This friend wisely refused to give her any information about him all.  Not a peep about where he was, how he was, or what he was doing.  Karma denied her any knowledge of this young man who once loved her so dearly, whom she wronged so horribly.  As to her motivation for asking, one can only speculate, perhaps it is because she is no longer happy in her current relationship and was hoping to rekindle something with the young man, or perhaps she had a twinge of guilt for what she had done that she wanted assuaged. No matter, I do not know, or pretend to know the answer to that question (honestly, it is none of my business) but I think it was a perfect, and fitting Karma that she should recieve no answers, that she should be forced to look into that mirror of the soul without any knowledge of his state of being, left to her own imaginings, but never any true answers....and as many of us know, simply not knowing can be the most difficult, and painful thing of all.

And the moral of the story is of course,  the obvious one of, Karma works. To this I would like to add... an old saying of mine, a relationship born in deception and lies, is truly dead my friend, long before it e'er dies......I do not know if the young woman's relationship has been happy, or not, it is not my business to know.  I do know that when you build a relationship on a foundation of lies it crumbles eventually coming undone either  in bits and pieces, or sometimes it comes crashing down all at once...it does however eventually fail, and miserably so.  Pax my friends, be good, live well, do good always.



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