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Feb. 21st, 2016

For years I have pondered the existance of other dimensions, the first poem I wrote about it openly was when I was 13 years old.  I did not talk about it much because, lets face it, back then they would have thought I was crazier than I already was, and still am.  It is because of this I felt no small amount of internal victory and vindication when quantum physics came to the same conclusion I did so long ago, much like when they announced that all things are connected (another belief I held for years in silence), and that our thoughts influenced the world around us, and not merely our perception of that world.  Frankly, throughout the years I am amazed at how many of the multiplicity of ideas I have held as possibilities and theories became either proven fact, or at the very least open speculation. When I was 16 I felt  for some reason I had been given more knowledge of the workings of the universe than I thought I should neccessarily have, and I have never understood why, but science through the years has indeed gone on to prove that I was correct in so much of what, even then, I had theorized and deduced within this very strange brain of mine,  I tend to think outside the box, lol, sometimes I believe I forget the box entirely andI think right off the planet. Do I think I am smarter than others? I don't think I am, but I do seem to think differently than many (another reason I have trouble in relationships), and  I ponder so much in this world, look, examine, analyze so many things.  Does this imply in any way that I know it all?  Not in the least bit my friends, lol, not even close. There are still so many mysteries, so many wonders that I never cease to be amazed by this universe, and dimmension in which we live.  To me it is a magical, and wondrous place, one that I am honored to be able to occupy in even the tinniest of spaces here in it.  I know that I am so very far from knowing everything, and that there is still so much more to learn but my time here grows limited.  I feel the clock ticking in the back of my ever restless mind moving toward the final countdown of that which is my current life. I am an old soul in a "new" body, although these days even this body begins to feel ancient, worn, and frayed like a book left too long outdoors, forgotten and neglected, lol, yet still I am here.  This is another poem broaching the concept of dimmensions, and the possibilities within those dimmensions....right or wrong. who can say... perhaps endless possibilities my friends....Pax to all who find this, and may your heart and mind always reveal untold treasures throughout your life, and may you always have enough, and more.

In another world
by Janice Kimball

In another world you weep for me
in another world I've set you free
in another world for me you pine
tis' my vision makes your eyes to shine
by twist of fate, and cruel design
It's me there that keeps you on a line
but still.....
in another world I'm your hearts desire
in another world I'm your only fire
in another world our love is true
in that world I'm there with you
and our love is infinite, ever new
in another world we are one flame
friends and lovers burning e'er the same
in another world  there is no blame
and yet.....
in another world but not this one
our love thrice blessed has just begun
but in this world our love is truly done
from all that's me you chose to run
your heart ne're true, no care for me
without a thought you set me free
and no wrong with this did e'er you see
and now.....
I wish I could but be able to transcend
this heartache for t'would finally end
in a distant world where you loved me
we would find our love's immortality
and at last my soul would be set free
knowing all of what love's joy could be



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