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For those of you who do not know I was employed by Kaiser Permanente for 30 years.  I worked in the ER the last 15 years of it.  The ER is a busy, and stressful space for all who work there, and this is not made better by the administration that harangues, harrasses, and humiliates it's employees at every opportunity.  Lee was a good man.  A dedicated, skillful,and compassionate nurse, and a supportive coworker.  A loving, and devoted father, and above all else an excellent human being.  You may have come into contact with Lee if you ever visited our ER.  Tall, with chiseled features and a ready smile he cared for many patients always bringing a bit of himself into all he did.  Reassuring patients with his easy manner, and his knowledgeable, yet soft spoken demeanor.  

When Lee was not at work he enjoyed the great outdoors, hiking and camping with his son as often as he could.  He also served as one of the climbing instructors for the BSA.  He was an a good father, strong, loving,  and supportive.  We, his co-workers got to see that side of him too.  He was always willing to help others out, and offered help even when it was not asked.  He was just that sort of a person, a gem among the dross of life, his goodness shone always shone through.

Enter the new Kaiser ER administration, they began harrassing him having him get tested for drug abuse on more than one occasion (believe me when I tell you I have never met a less likely candidate for drug abuse than Lee), and although the tests all came back negative for any substance the harrassment, and pressures continued in other various forms as well.  More stress heaped upon him in an already stressful enviornment, until eventually it became an avalanche that destroyed him, and I believe very literally that this is what killed him.  Just like it killed Lena another of our nurses a year back.

And what do I know of this harrassment meted out by the administration of the Kaiser ER?  I can tell you that I am another in counted in the number of of it's victims.  You may recall how in my in one of my initial posts I said I did not like being around people.  This is due to the harrassment I received at the hands of the administration of the Kaiser administration.  I was repeatedly pulled aside over a period of several years and told that there were complaints about me having body odor.  Initially when this started I reacted like most people probably would changing deodorants, toothpastes,  laundry soaps, etc.  Yet the harrassment continued.  I would come home in tears, my husband was furious, he assured me, as well as some of my friends had, that I did not have body odor (or at least certainly not anymore than a normal person).  At one point I actually found an envelope stuffed full of personal hygiene items and addressed to me in my mail slot at work.  I still have nightmares about this whole thing. I called the union the last 2 times I was called into the office for this, I had them smell me sniff under my arms, and around my body, they assured me that they smelled nothing.  Yet  I still am uncomfortable in public now and have anxiety attacks when I get around people.

 It still upsets me to get bubble bath, perfume and other scent gifts now because I feel like maybe people think I smell bad and are just too polite to say so.  They found my achilles heel and hounded me with it until now I am basically a recluse, uncomfortable around others.  I keep myself to myself, I limit my society to my husband and a few select people who have been friends for many years.  Once upon a time I was active in things like the SCA (society for creative anachronism, you know the nutters with the swords and all dressed up like something out of a medieval faerietale) , I enjoyed helping others,  and I volunteered at events like Comic-con in San  Diego.  Now I stay safe within my house, with as little contact with others as I can manage.  What a difference in my lifestyle, and my life all compliments of Kaiser ER administrations harrassment.

 I have tried to move past this on my own, but I simply can not seem to do it.  So yes, I know how bad their special brand of harrassment can be, and believe me they are happy to customize it to fit the individual.  They actively seek your weak point and exploit this weakness, to the great detriment of their victim of choice.  I know of many others who have been at the receiving end of their harrassment, the list is too long to go into here and now.

Do I think they are responsible for Lee's untimely death, and for Lena's?  Oh you betcha I do, I would bet money on it I am so convinced of it.  Do they care about who they kill, hurt , or damage? Not a bit.  Welcome to the machine!  May God protect those they choose to revile with their insidious poisons.

Farewell Lee, may you journey on to new and better adventures, you will be missed!



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