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Feb. 16th, 2016

Daughter of the Morrigan
By Janice Kimball

I am an orphan of the world
but a child of the stormy fates
ever embraced by the Norns
daughter of the Morrigan
daughter of the bright moon
I walk the veil
between two worlds
belonging more in the ethereal
so very often
than in the solemnity of earth
I ask myself
Why did I come here
I ask myself
Why I am here
I love the beauty of this realm
and I loathe the ugliness here too
the hatred and cruelty hurt my soul
they make my heart deeply ache
I am torn, wanting to make things better
knowing I am a voice no louder than
a grain of sand upon a moonlit beach
but even the tiniest voice may roar
when it is needed.....I will speak
even though none may listen
I will live in the certainty
that my voice is my own
my truth belongs to me
I ask no one to follow my path
I ask no one to carry me
Yet at times I feel my heart
Longing for one who knows my soul
and loves it without condition
without hesitation, without consternation,
without worldly judgement
who stands beside me
unafraid, even in the darkest of hours
and who will fight beside me
when all others fail,
a lion among sheep
a warrior among the masses
unafraid of what is to come
unaffected by my numerous flaws
knowing I did not choose the easy road
but the harder path,
for a reason
who understands my silences
as easily as my words
who knows me both my darkness
and my light...
Someone who at the end of all
that is this life
holds my hand at the moment I leave
whose loyalty is unshaken
unto my dying breath.



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