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This goes out to all those who hurt good, kind people without remorse, and to those who have been hurt by these kinds of people....Karma is a bitch only if you are, and if you are a bitch, don't be surprised when she slaps you into the next reality, one that is far less than pleasant.  We all are answerable for what we do, or choose not to do.  I beleive with all my heart that eventually what you do catches up with you, and the Universe and Karma are so much more creative than I can ever be which is why I leave people who hurt me to their own devices, justice is best served by those that truly know the heart and mind of the perpetrator of wrongdoings.....

Here is a poem for all you who have been the victim of cruelty, and alll those who think they are getting away with it.....Pax to all my friends who have always stood by me, and love, and gratitude unending.

Karma and the Cruel
by Janice Kimball
I  really wouldn't want to be you
not for all the tea in China
because of the things you do
karma's gonna someday blindside ya
you think that your really clever
as other's you so callously use
your satisfaction your only endeavor
and kind hearts you freely abuse
but that day when karma does find you
your going to be oh so sorry you did
that day you will cry for those hearts true
regret all the things that you hid
you'll call for those people who loved you
the ones you gladly treated so bad
but karma will take them far from you too
put them safe where they can not be had
you'll be alone that day when she finds you
no one true left to stand by your side
all the things you did you will then rue
then in sorrow will your heart abide



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