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I believe a part of the shamanic journey takes us into the worlds within our dreams.  Other dimensions, deeper truths, our inner selves laid bare where healing can take place if we know how to use dream magic.  I remember the first time I faced one of my own demons in my dreams, it was frightening, and yet I knew I was the only one who could slay it, the only one who could change my life.  Here is a poem about such an encounter, twixt this world, and another....Pax my friends, be strong, be brave, overcome every obsticle by knowing all that you are.

Midnight Dreams
by janice kimball
once upon some midnight dreams
where darkened halls were filled with screams
I heard on wind a whispered sigh
it asked if I was there to die
"No, not yet" I answered back
"I've come to see just what you lack"
the voice laughed, and asked, "Have you no fear?"
"Or do you come to shed a tear?"
"For thrill. or pity, come you hence?"
"Are you devoid of common sense?"
thoughtfully I answered the voice in turn
for that which I felt it  could not discern
"I come to conquer whats within
to cleanse my soul of my own sin."
"to face my fears, my demons too,
to end it now for me, and you"
the voice let forth a deeper sigh
as softly painted leaves flew by
"What care have you for me, or mine
by what spell shall  mortal flesh entwine
the creatures of the nightmare realm,
what fiery words writ on creamy velum
could challenge all of what's so safely hid?'
twas' my turn now to laugh, and so I did
and shook my darkly dreaming head
"Do you know that you are me, the part I once did dread?"
"We are one being you and I, demons I have long hid
so when we battle I shall win, and you'll do as your bid."
the voice let out an angry cry as battle did begin
I faced within that midnight dream, my souls corrupted twin
We fought a battle old as time, well matched at every part
and I did win in truth because I had the bigger heart
"Do I now die?" my twin did ask "Is this where I must end?"
"No" I said "you shall go on, but now you shall defend"
"Where once lived fear, guilt, and shame
you shall learn to let go of all blame
To forgive all wrongs release all fears
set free long hidden stores of tears.
This darkened realm shall be made bright
now a sweet sanctuary of Nirvana's light"
Then humbly did my twin agree
to be made whole, and one with me.
all past wounds healed we two made one
blessed by the moon kissed by the sun



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