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Another interesting weekend came and went with some unusual discoveries in the mix.  I finally figured out how to make the resin correctly for the jewelry, lol.  Thank God because soggy/sticky jewelry has no appeal whatsoever, unless you are perhaps a mermaid in which case I really do not think it would matter at all.  Being land based creatures however, I doubt I could convince anyone to wear such a piece so several of my first attempts at pendant pieces ended up rather unceremoniosly dumped into the garbage bin.

Then there was the walk to the mailbox.  Now with my health problems a walk to the mailbox takes a certain degree of mental preparation, physical determination,willpower, effort and resolve.  For most people this walk would be no big deal (and once in my life too, this would have been a effortless task), but these days it is for me akin to preparing to run a marathon.  On the way back from the post box I tend to pause and rest several times.  During one of these respites I happened to look at the ground. 

A stone, glinting shiny and black in the sun caught my eye.  I picked it up.  It felt heavy in my hand.  Now being an avid rock collector it is not suprising that unusual stones catch my attention.  My husband, and family have all at one time or another bemoaned my delight in piling random rocks into our vehicle to clean up and inspect when I get back home.  But what I did next suprised even me, and leads me to believe that somewhere on a subconcious level I really was paying attention when my husband was watching Meteorite Men on the TV even though I was napping at the time.  I brought the rock into the kitchen and pulled a heavy duty magnet off the fridge and put it onto the rock, and guess what?.....It stuck, the magnet adhered itself easily to the rock and I could actually lift the rock off the counter with the magnet.  That is right folks it looks like I found a meteorite.  I have yet to complete testing on it, and I will take it to one of the local colleges geology labs to get a a confirmation, but still, how unusual.  It is not everyday you find a meteorite in your yard. 

I have never in my life tested any other of my many rock finds with a magnet, I wonder what it was with this rock that somehow registered in my brain as being different enough to do this with.  I really am not certain.  Chalk it up to me being wierd I guess.  One of my friends once told me that if anyone ever wrote a biography about me they would have to qualify it as fiction, because no one would ever believe the things that happen to me, even though they are quite real.  How many people do you know that have both of their grandfathers die exactly a year apart to the very day (September 24) of exactly the same cause (massive stroke).  Needless to say I am not terribly fond of that day now.  Or who do you know that would wake up from a sound sleep to have a grand mal siezure while fully conscious?  That is what I used to do as a child ,and my aura for the siezures was always a dream where I had to make a difficult decision, and could not make up my mind.  And how many people do you know who break their neck in a roll over vehicle accident, stay to supervise the cleanup after the accident, then walk away to ride in to the hospital with friends later on because their necks hurt a bit.   I bet not too many, all these things and more have happened to me.  My life is an adventure, some parts are more fun than others, and some parts of the adventure you never want to repeat, lol.

I think at some point before coming into this life God must have asked me what I wanted out of life, and my response must have been something like "I don't want to be bored,"  To this I am pretty sure God must have asked "Are you sure", and I being the marginally crazy and silly person that I am must have responded back with something like "I am certain", At this point  God must have sighed, laughed, and said "So be it, you shall never be bored".  Either that or in a past life I must have evoked the ire of  someone from China who uttered that old Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times!", and the fates having a sense of humor saw to it that in this present incarnation the "Interesting times", were the basis for my entire life. 

Well, I have droned on long enough something more interesting next time I promise.  Hugs to all those who need them.  May your days be filled with magic and laughter until we meet again.



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