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A new day, a new poem pops unbidden into my head.  i wish they were good enough to publish, and that I had the skill to make some sort of living out of this bizarre gift, or curse as it may well be, of turning everything into poetry and prose, Unfortunately that would require that I have some sort of luck when it came to publishing my work, lol, or simply be a better writer.  The last would probably be the best, but ah well, it is what it is, I have what I have, and there is nothing for it but to scribble down the words which seem to force themselves out of some hidden resource within my mind.  Perhaps I should name this nameless denizen living in my brain, then I could have at least someone to blame all of these poems on, lol.  I am thinking of naming him/her Hopesbane, it somehow seems an appropriate choice, lol.....anyway here is the poem for what it is worth (which if I judge by my monetary status is precious little indeed, lol)...
The Great Wheel
By Janice Kimball
when sorrow binds the tortured soul
that seeks only to be made whole
when from all light ones eyes are blind
while seeking justice of some kind
know that the karmic wheel still turns
quiet your soul whilst karma burns
seek not revenge, or recompense
though it defies all common sense
have faith that all will be made right
bright day will surely follow night
let the great wheel turn as it must
diamonds are found in darkest dust
only breathe deep and then release
let troubled heart find blessed ease



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