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The Adventure Continues.........

So last week we found out my husband has diabetes, which if we were not on the strictest budget ever, and had not just bought our groceries for the next 2 weeks would not be a big deal at all.  We would simply go out buy new groceries and his meds (for diabetes and hypertension), no sweat, and start a diabetic diet for him.  Life, of course, can not be that simple.....In order to get his meds, and get food that he could eat we had to overdraw our account, then thanks to a mix up with his meds we ended up with 2 overdraft fees for those instead of one as we had to pick up his blood pressure meds but could not pick up the diabetic medication at the same time (the initial combo med the Dr ordered was way out of our monthly budget at a whopping cost of 240 USD...>.< ouch). We had to have the Dr order a non mixed medication which was not ready until the following day picking this med up overdrew our account further.  Did I mention that the week previous to us finding out he had diabetes he got a speeding ticket for speeding in a construction zone that had no construction workers in it, well he did. (he was travelling the normal speed limit, which I guess is a nono in Texas even if no workers are present you need to follow the posted construction speed limit.) He had to pay for traffic school in order to keep the ticket off his record, which of course overdrew us even more...and we still have to pay the ticket.  I was supposed to have a sleep study done this Thursday to rule out sleep apnea, I am going to have to cancel it, we can not afford it.  I am loosing my mind I think.  Somehow I still believe it is all going to be OK, like some grinning idiot wandering through life believing the impossible, that at any moment a miracle is going to occur in spite of all evidence to the contrary.  I am confused by my own emotional state which seems to want to remain upbeat even though I just do not know where the help is going to come from....I believe, I truly do that things will be alright...the miracle is coming, I know it is....if I am crazy then let me remain blissfully mad, it beats the hell out of overwhelming depression.



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