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Growing beyond blame

As humans we each of us have plenty of imperfections, and yet we are quick to jump on the bandwagon to ride others for their faults, not only that we also tend to take every event from our past and use it as an excuse for our own current bad behaviors, and personal issues.  Here are some truths as I see them:  First of all, none of us are perfect.  Constructive criticism is fine, but before you engage in it take a good long look at yourself to be sure you are not guilty of the same things you wish to offer advice on to another.  Like the Bible says "Remove the log from your own eye first, before you remove the spec from your brothers.".  If you are going to offer constructive criticism, be willing to accept some in return, remember we all have an abundance of faults. Also realize that just because you offer your observations or advice does not mean that the other person will be open to it, embrace it, or even believe it.  The truth is they do not have to, they are not required to, and we should not expect them to.  They are not obliged to live up to our expectations.  You may not like these facts, but in my experience it is simply the way it is.

The second issue I want to discuss is using the past as an excuse for the present.  Some people dwell in the past to the point that they take up permanent residency there.  Yes, past events, and the people who filled our lives when we are young influence what we become in life, BUT (and this is a really big but) we determine what we take away from each experience, and whether it will be used to make us a better, stronger, more compassionate person, or if we will use it as an excuse to emulate the behaviors of those who caused us pain and hurt in our lives.  The choice is ours, the blame is not theirs, we are responsible for who and what we are.  I encourage everyone to embrace responsibility for themselves, and remember that the only ones anyone is truly answerable to in life is God/Goddess, and the reflection they see in the mirror each morning.

May God/Goddess bless you all, keep you safe and light your path with love, joy, health and prosperity.  My love to all.  Pax my friends.



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