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The miracle of acorns is, that inside each one is a new begining.
j. Keller-Kimball 2012

I have not written for a while, I apologize for neglecting you little journal.  Life has been busy, hectic, stressfull, and at times recently heartbreaking.  I hold on to my happy thoughts like a child clinging to a security blanket in a thunderstorm.  I refuse to just lay down give in, and give up to the emotional, or the physical pain....I can not let it win you see, not at all.  All of my life I have worn these darn rose colored glasses.  I see hope even when there probably is none, and hang onto it long past the alotted expiration date, lol.  In short I am a Pollyanna seeing the good in people and believing the best and I keep trying to see it even when others point out the obvious to me.  I know they are probably right, I realize I can be very unrealistic about things.  I am honest about my shortcomings, and believe me I have many.  I feel alone right now, for many reasons, and I am tired, weary, and in pain, but no one promised me a crystal stair, or a clear path in life, and so I go on.  Quitting is not an option, but there are times still when I hide tears in the rain, and use smiles to mask the pain.  This is one of those times.  My love to all those who are lonely, in pain, or feel hopeless, there is light, peace, and love in this world still.  And love to all my dear friends, who make the difficult times more bearable just by being there for me to talk to.  May the Goddess/God keep you safe and surround you with love, joy, health and prosperity always.
Pax my friends.



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