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There are many times in life when we see those who are innocent suffer, whether it be at the hands of others, or of some dread disease, or merely from exceedingly unfortunate circumstances.   It used to drive me crazy when I saw this, my inner 'white knight'  wanted to ride in and rescue whoever was in trouble, vanquishing their foes and carrying them to safety.   This stance may, or may not work with human opponents, and does not work so much at all for the other two situations.   These things would cause my brain to go into twisted convolutions full of unanswerable questions like "Why is this happening to them?", and "What possible reason is there for this to happen to them>".   These things just did not track with my world view of God, the Universe, and everything. 

Then it really set in.....our Karmic path is something we choose in those times in between lifetimes.  For those wanting to burn off a ton of old, less than golden Karma quickly, what better way than to choose a difficult, possibly extremely painful short path through a life that burns off all the old bad Karma from lifetimes before like dross being burned off of gold in a fire.  These wonderful, wise, suffering spirits have chosen the fast track to spiritual evolution and enlightenment.  They are our teachers, and future teachers, our saints, and our angels.  And that, to me, made sense....it fit into my perceptions of God, of right and wrong, and of justice.  This concept held for me the ring of truth, and eased my troubled mind.

It does not make my heart hurt any less when I see the innocent suffer, but it does allow me to understand the things around me which seem to make no sense.  It is balm for my soul, and my psyche.   Does it mean that I willingly accept these things, or that I do not try to change them for the better when I encounter them?  Of course it does not, because God/Goddess know that I am who I am, and what I am and I must do what my heart tells me is right to help these people. Sometimes that means just being there for them, and other times it is a far more active role in their struggles for wellness, or to overcome bad things in their lives.  God/Goddess brought them into my life because they know I will do what I can, and what I must in order to help them.

The Universe works, justice works, and Karma works, but we as mere mortals, our spirits trapped within flesh do not always see the whole playing field.  Much like people trying to watch a football game with half the game and players blocked out of their vision, and with no radio commentary to let you know what those other players are doing.  Just like those people trying to watch that game, it all seems so confusing, and often unfair because we do not see the full picture of what is going on......But the limited view is what we get, and it is what we have to deal with, and it makes it a lot easier to comprehend, and understand the bad occurrences in our world when we know that the viewpoint we have is severely limited by our lack of a clear view of all the involved elements that are at play.

   How do you deal with this annoying,and extremely frustrating lack of 'vision'?   Faith, such a tiny word, and yet it holds so much power.  You have to have faith, to know in your very soul that the Universe is unfolding as it should, and to embrace your own place, and importance in a dance choreographed often before you were born.  You must trust your heart to do the right thing, at the right time.  Be true to what you are, to who you are,  to what you believe, and act accordingly.....the rest will ultimately fall into place.  May God/Goddess guide your path, enlighten your heart, and ease your troubled spirit along the way.



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