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The imperceptible shift

There is a point in time, a single instant which sits upon an invisible axis, where an imperceptible, yet profound shift takes place within our lives.  Sometimes it is so small that  you never even notice, other times it is as violent, and devastating as a 8.0 earthquake shaking our lives, beliefs, and world views to the core of their foundations.  We must re-evaluate all that we are, and all that we once believed is true.  As difficult as these situations are, sometimes if is those small, almost unnoticed shifts that cause us the most trouble in our lives.

We wake up one day and things just do not click into place neatly anymore, like a jigsaw puzzle which has been left in the rain.  There is a sense of something not being quite "right",   We argue with ourselves, ponder,  sleep fitfully , have a general sense of being ill at ease, and yet we can not put a finger on it.  We can not find the moment of that tiny change in our worlds,or understand even what exactly caused it.  At least with the earthquakes we know where the epicenter lies, and although disruptive it is almost always easier to deal with because we know what the cause is of our distress.

I find at times like this it is best to do a meditation clearing my mind and allowing my higher self to step in to guide me to a quietude, understanding, and acceptance of the changes that have occurred.  Sometimes it is the clamor, and din of our own brains that keep us from discovering the changes that have occurred.  Once we understand the cause, the event which was the epicenter of our distress then it is easier to identify the changes which have taken place, and examine and embrace them.  They are our lifeline to growth, and change, which is essential for our own spiritual evolution, so it is important to identify them for what they are, and to understand the potential they present to us in our lives.

We all must grow, or ultimately stagnate and die.  Evolution of the spirit, not unlike evolution of the species offers us new possibilities.  New chances to thrive and not merely survive in a world which is ever changing.  So embrace your changes, profound or otherwise, and let your spirit grow, evolve and change from the earthbound caterpillar to the sky bourne butterfly soaring high into a brighter horizon of the soul.



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