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And so it begins.....

Yesterday I managed to find 3 reasonably decent sized cardboard boxes, and did what people everywhere do when they know it is time to move on....I began packing.   I know it does not seem like much, 3 boxes is a drop in the bucket with so much more to do....but it is as profound as the first drop of heavy water.  It is both a ending, and a new begining to an era in my life.  It is the whispering wind of change, of growth, and of hope.  Hope in a future that is brighter, and still has promise, and hope for a place of peace and contentment for my husband and myself in this crazy world.  I sit listening to the mice shifting about in the attic here, soon they will be someone else's problem, and no longer mine.  No more snooping, prying landladys or landlords snooping through my mail, and my business.  Freedom is at hand, and the  all the attendant responsiblities that go with it.

Ii spoke to the realtor yesterday, a warm, and affable young man who seemed eager to help my husband and I toward our new dream of home ownership.  I realize it is his job to sell property, it is how he makes his living, and yet I like to feel that it is something more that motivates him to help others to find their dreams.  To see others happy and content, and achieving something positive in their life, I would like to think that is his deeper motivation.  Of course I could be wrong, but that is what I would like to think.

I am both frightened and excited at once.   This is a big step, and change is always unsettling, and uncertain, but  sometimes very essential.  This is definitely one of those times.  Life moves in mysterious ways, and as we follow the river to our destinies there are many twists and turns, and tributaries that change our journeys along the way.   Sometimes the outcomes seem easy to see, other times they are more hidden from our view, but nothing is without possibility of change until the moment has passed. A toast to the future then, to bright dreams, and a fairer fate than what once loomed before us.  May all those I love be blessed with fortunate days ahead!



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